Are breakdowns Plaguing Your Truck & Trailer Fleet? Try Sage

Sage Fights the Plague

As the Plague was striking Europe, the death toll was decimating the local population.  The story goes that when the city of Marseilles, France was struck by the plague that a group of four thieves were known to have enriched themselves as they looted the dead, seemingly immune to the affects of the disease.  The secret to the immunity enjoyed by these four bandits?  a concocotion that included the ingrediant Sage.

The recent Ebola scare in the news has perhaps encouraged folks to take precautions and even reexploring the power of Sage to protect and keep people going.

Sage Truck Repairs Fights the "DownTime Plague"

Nothing is more frustrating to an independent trucker or fleet manager when his semi trucks and trailers seem to be plagued by downtime.  While the winter may mean "Cold and Flu" season to some, to owners of Semi Trucks it often means "Breakdown Season".  At Sage Truck Repairs and Trailer Accessories, or team of certified technicians are trained to both do emergency repairs or provide protection with preventative maintenance.  

Sage offers service from our conveniently located repair shop in Merrillville, Indiana or remotely with our mobile service as well.  Either way, Sage has got you covered.  Don't lose another nights sleep to the headaches of truck break downs contact Sage and let us help you keep moving.

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