When the King is Without Horsepower It's Going To Be Costly


When the King of England Loses His Horsepower it's Going to be Costly

It was late August about 530 years ago, that King Richard III and his men road into battle.  This battle was for the throne of England.  The fight went against Richard III and according to William Shakespeare, after being wounded and losing his horse in battle, Richard is quoted as saying: "A horse! A horse! My Kingdom For A Horse".  The King learned an important lesson that day, when it's all online, a breakdown and loss of horse power can be expensive.

When the "King of the Road" Loses His Horsepower It's Going to Hurt

Every day tens of thousands of heavy duty trucks travel into and out of the Chicago and Greater Northwest Indiana area.  As any one in logistics will tell you, you are only making money when your truck is moving.  If your semi truck or trailer is broken down that delay can get costly really fast.  Sage Truck Repairs understand the importance of treating our customers like "kings" and making sure that we keep all your horsepower firing on all cylinders.

Sage Truck Repairs Will Help Keep You Moving

From our convenient location in Merrillville, Indiana, Sage Truck Repairs offers our clients:

  •    Diagnostic software in house
  •    Transmission service and rebuilding
  •    PM's (preventative maintenance) service
  •    1st class garage, drivers lounge to make you feel welcome
  •    AND LOTS OF PARKING (2 acres)

Check us out online at www.sagetruckrepairs.com, or call our team at 219-472-0343 and give us the opportunity to keep you moving.


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